Realm of the Gods

Eastward Ho

After making a successful escape from the catacombs below the church our party moves on. Stopping in Oakdene proves to the party that some of the recent events really have stretched farther than would have been expected. Once rested it comes to Redmond’s attention, and that of the party, that help can be found it the east. Unfortunately, the Eastern Marshes prove to be as dangerous as has been claimed. What will the party do without Thomas Henri Aliander Corneleus Olander? Is this the end of the journey? After an incredibly close call with a group of Orcs all involved begin questioning their own abilities.

In Further Search and Escape

The party has begun making their way out of the depths of the church. While climbing out of the catacombs and dungeons it has become apparent that there is a small infestation of otyugh to combat. Choosing to search for more treasure the party stumbles across two familiar captives. Gore-don has a rather unfortunate turn of fate while the exact specifics of Jack’s future seem to be in the air.

Back in Tinsendale

The party returns to Tinsendale after the rescue of their faithful bard from the clutches of the enemy. It doesn’t take long for any involved to notice that things are not as good as they could be. On approach all in the group take easy not that a large portion of the town is ablaze and the courtyard in front of the Church of Pelor is overrun with undead of all manner.

As the party scans the ground looking for the best attack route they take notice of a lone survivor, Redmond. As undead are a fairly simple affair to clean up they soon make their way into the remnants of the church and find a secret passage to the catacombs beneath. With a little guidance Therdove Vicehammer is easily located and a tenuous negotiation ensues.

Much to the party’s dismay it isn’t long before the lowest level of the catacombs are over-taken by Bregwin the Wise.

The Story So Far

The first three of the characters are actually hold outs from the
original campaign. They were transported to this realm and discovered
by an elven boy who agreed to keep their secret and also told them an
“End of Times” myth that they may or may not have a part in. This was
all imparted to the party on their way to Tinsendale where they met
Bregwin the Wise and Therdove Vicehammer. It was shortly after meeting
with Bregwin that they began there adventuring in this land and formed
the party of “We Make Doors” (WMD for short).

After rescuing the thief Raven the party had two members wander off to
look for awswers pertaining to how to get home and soon met Relic the
Warforged, and Asara the Deva. Unfortunately this was also the same
time that the party learned of the religious civil war and uprising
that was occuring and only moments prior to the party becoming wanted
felons. After meeting with the Brotherhood of the Uprising and
learning of the Sons of Light, WMD took part in the battle for
Jarlesburg Ferry.

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